International Youth Day Highlights Conservation Education

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2 min readAug 11, 2023


As the school year approaches, we are reminded that some of the most inspiring lessons happen outside of the classroom. International Youth Day on August 12 celebrates educating the next generation of conservationists.

At The Moore Charitable Foundation, we work with our dedicated partners who work every day to give young people in local communities the tools to become future environmental stewards:

The Panama Audubon Society has expanded its Aulas Verdes program to Chiriquí schools with the support of the Islas Secas Foundation, providing teachers with environmental tools and training on the importance of wetlands and coastal mangroves conservation, reaching more than 400 local students at five schools.

The Rio Grande Watershed Conservation & Education Initiative provides dynamic outdoor conservation education for K-12 students throughout Colorado’s San Luis Valley, as well as a summer Youth Conservation Camp for children and teen counselors.

The Billion Oyster Project has partnered with The New York Harbor School to engage hundreds of thousands of students and reverse the effects of overharvesting, dredging, and pollution by restoring one billion live oysters to New York Harbor by 2035.

The Forest Stewards Guild offers summer employment opportunities with the U.S. Forest Service to disadvantaged high school students for hands-on lessons in forest management, fire ecology, watershed health, and wildlife ecology.

Similarly, The Rocky Mountain Youth Corps recruits local young people to develop job-specific skillsets and work ethic in preparation for full-time employment with land management agencies.

Colorado Open Lands leads a week-long intensive workshop for teachers in the San Luis Valley to better equip them with new ideas to incorporate the outdoors into lesson plans. Since 2016, COL has trained approximately 30 educators annually, reaching thousands of students across Colorado.

Investing in our youth is an important way to protect Earth’s future. MCF is proud to provide support to each of these meaningful educational programs representing early childhood to post-graduate collaborations.



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