Philanthropy in the Global Conservation Conversation

The conservation world is focused this week on New York City as Climate Week NYC, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the Concordia Summit and the Clinton Global Initiative are gathering to elevate the critical intersection of the environment, climate and philanthropy.

Climate Week NYC takes a holistic look at conservation with themes addressing myriad issues including land restoration, ocean protection and youth mobilization. Leaders at UNGA will kick off the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) in November to address their governments’ top environmental priorities. We expect to hear progress reports and pledges featured in high-level discussions and head-of-state speeches. The Concordia Summit and the Clinton Global Initiative also feature environmental sustainability tracks.

One common thread of these events is the continued call for public-private partnership — including the vital role of philanthropy — to address the planet’s most urgent conservation challenges.

The Moore Charitable Foundation supports the important climate adaptation work of our grantees and partners to permanently protect landscapes, ecosystems and threatened and endangered species. Conserving wetlands, forests and grasslands helps create a buffer to protect from extreme weather events, like floods, drought and rising sea levels caused by climate change. MCF also is working with our partners in protecting coastal and marine ecosystems, like mangroves, which are essential to sequestering and storing blue carbon — the carbon stored in these ecosystems.

The environment and climate change are deservedly in the global spotlight this week; ideally, this spotlight on great public-private partnerships inspires even greater initiatives and philanthropy.



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Moore Charitable

The Moore Charitable Foundation founded by Louis Bacon is a private non-profit foundation committed to land and water conservation.